Decision and the Existential Turn

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inner consent → to bring oneself to the world The paper introduces a new model, the evolutionary-existential model of organizational decision-making. The purpose of the model is to provide an empirical framework for understanding the context for decision-making under conditions of existential threat to organizations, such as the global COVID-19 pandemic during the year 2020.,The model is built on an extensive interdisciplinary literature ... A greater number of actors will be directly, and sometimes gravely, affected by climate change.

Albert Camus was closely linked to existentialism in the 1940's, while he spent the war years in Paris; the French Resistance brought him into the circle of Jean-Paul Sartre, which was one of the leaders in existentialism. This movement is based on the analysis of human existence and the individuals defining everything in their lives. Meghan Markle's Triumphant Interview and Its Existential Threat to the Royals 12 hours ago What 'WandaVision' Gets, and Doesn't, About the Power of Television 5 days ago career decision making that have emerged in the career literature during the last quarter century: existential and the chaos theory of careers (CTC).